Sunday, January 2, 2011

God Longs for More

I've been told to read a book called "Crazy Love".  So I saw the book in a bookstore and opened it up to see what it was about.  This is what I read..."To just read the Bible, attend church, and avoid "big" sins- is this passionate, wholehearted love for God?"  Yeah, that’s the first quote that I got greeted with when I opened up the book, and it’s not even in the first chapter; it’s in the preface. I very rarely read a preface.  I didn’t think there was ever any good stuff in the preface!
Well, what do you think? Is that all there is? I believe if we are truthful, most of us think that’s all there is to this walk OR, are you like me and feel as though something is wrong? How many of you have read the New Testament and wondered if sometimes we in the church are missing it? I hope I’m not the only one, then I will think I’m really crazy! I believe God longs for more from the church. I think many of us, if we were truthful with ourselves would admit that the church as an establishment could do a better job. There’s a whole generation out there that loves Jesus, but not the church. I get an awful feeling deep down in my stomach when I think of how we are missing out on all that God wants for the people God loved enough to die for. Do you? I don’t know about you but I agree that we need to stop giving people excuses not to believe in God! Another way of putting it is this- let’s be known for what we are for rather than what we are against. We just celebrated the birth of Jesus. He was born into this world to be a humble servant, but Jesus never begs us to give Him some small part of ourselves. He actually commands everything from his followers. So, where do we go from here? Do we adjust how we live daily, or do we stay the same?  I can't wait to dig deeper into the book.