Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Pinch

I am currently working on installing a fountain in the flower bed in the front of our house. I found the pond base at a garage sale and have always wanted to add a water feature to our home. We went out and purchased a small pump and a large flower pot that I am going to push the water up into. Everything was going well. I dug the hole and leveled it. Then I added the pump, the tubing, and the river rock. Finally, I got to place the flower pot on top of the rocks. Then the moment of truth. I added the water and watched it flow. Problem...the tubing was pinched so the pressure was cut off and the water wasn't flowing like it was intended. So I had to remove part of the fountain and fix the pinch tubing. Amazing how many problems a little pinch in the tubing caused the fountain.

It is the same way in our Christian walk. We work hard to walk the walk, talk the talk, but the moment there is a little pressure to either share our faith vocally or by action, that little pinch stops us from being the witness that we are called to be. The pinch effects who we are and doesn't allow God to shine through us. Thank goodness that God see our troubles and rebuilds us through word and sacrament. He fixes the pinch so that when the opportunity arises again, the message of God will flow freely.

Monday, July 20, 2009

That's Ministry

Ministry. Many people talk about it. Many people share what they think ministry is. Many people struggle to see that they are part of the ministry of God. I love to talk about sharing my love for our Lord through music and worship. It is a privilege to lead God's people in worship. It is an honor to worship with everyone. What I do is ministry. But it doesn't stop there. You see, my ministry is more than just my position at Living Word Lutheran Church. My ministry extends further than that. God gave me a wife and family. This is part of my ministry, to love, support and lead them. God gave me friends. This is part of my ministry, to support, listen and pray for them. God has allowed me to be part of this community. This is part of my ministry, to demonstrate and show Him in all my words and actions. My ministry doesn't stop after the 11:00 worship is over, it continues.

Many people don't see that what they do is ministry. The way they treat a co-worker. They way they act in a restaurant. The way they drive. The way they talk. Everything they do is ministry. When you build up the kingdom of God through what you do...that is ministry. You are and will always be part of God's plan to grow His kingdom. He has you doing what you do for a reason...that is ministry. Live your life like God intended. After all, people are watching, listening and understanding. Do they see a disciple of God? Do they see your ministry?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

All-Star Games

I enjoy watching all-star games. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, college sports, it is all good. I really enjoy watching players from different teams, different systems, different coaches come together and play as a team. During the season, they battle it out against each other. Then when the all-star game comes about, they together with other players from the same division or conference to accomplish the same goal and that is to win. Players come together and support and cheer each other on. For one game, everyone is the same.

We can learn a lot from the all-star games. We all come from different backgrounds. Raised in different ways. Have different ideas of what worship is. Have different gifts, talents, levels of faith. We do what we are gifted in. But when it comes to the church, the body of Christ, we are all on the same team. This means, we shouldn't be condemning, backstabbing, gossiping, putting each other down. We shouldn't be acting like we are better than others or building ourselves up at others expense. We shouldn't be putting down styles of worship or the way a fellow believer worships. We are all on the same team. We are all brought together to worship and build up the body of Christ. Differences should be celebrated, not condemned. Gifts and talents should be used and be thanked, not put down. Coming together makes the church stronger and puts our focus on Him. We are one team for His purpose!