Monday, March 14, 2011

The Power of a Whisper

I know it has been a really long time since I lasted wrote on my blog.  I just felt like I needed some time off from writing to refocus on God.  I'm gonna let God lead my thoughts... 

A whisper can be very powerful.  We whisper things when we want people to really listen closely.  I know that God has used the whisper to speak to me and I'm sure He was done the same for you. I’ve tried many times to listen for the whispers of God in my life and in my ministry. I didn’t do it well enough in the beginning, but as I learned to listen for God’s prompting, I must say, he hasn’t let me down yet. That isn’t to say that at times what he told me was easy. No, there have been many times when it was difficult to hear what God was prompting me to do. In the end, the rewards have far outweighed the tough times. And why not put my whole life in God’s hands? Why not trust him fully? “I challenge you to give him full clearance to lead your life, every area of your life, until the point that he proves himself untrustworthy.” Those were the words of a friend of mine who said that to me at a point in my ministry when I was doubting things. God’s whispers can even come from people who are around you. And there will be times when a certain number of whispers that come our way will drive us to our knees and stretch our faith, but so be it. I enjoy hearing people’s stories of God’s whispers in their life. I love know that God is speaking and we, all of us, need to lean in and really listen.  He is talking...are we listening?  What is your whisper story?