Monday, July 20, 2009

That's Ministry

Ministry. Many people talk about it. Many people share what they think ministry is. Many people struggle to see that they are part of the ministry of God. I love to talk about sharing my love for our Lord through music and worship. It is a privilege to lead God's people in worship. It is an honor to worship with everyone. What I do is ministry. But it doesn't stop there. You see, my ministry is more than just my position at Living Word Lutheran Church. My ministry extends further than that. God gave me a wife and family. This is part of my ministry, to love, support and lead them. God gave me friends. This is part of my ministry, to support, listen and pray for them. God has allowed me to be part of this community. This is part of my ministry, to demonstrate and show Him in all my words and actions. My ministry doesn't stop after the 11:00 worship is over, it continues.

Many people don't see that what they do is ministry. The way they treat a co-worker. They way they act in a restaurant. The way they drive. The way they talk. Everything they do is ministry. When you build up the kingdom of God through what you do...that is ministry. You are and will always be part of God's plan to grow His kingdom. He has you doing what you do for a reason...that is ministry. Live your life like God intended. After all, people are watching, listening and understanding. Do they see a disciple of God? Do they see your ministry?