Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Words and Meaning

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk with people in the hallways. It was the typical "good morning" and "how are you doing". But on this day, asking "how are you doing" took a different spin. You see, on this day, the response by one person wasn't really what they were saying. On this day, "how are you doing" took on a different meaning. It was obvious that this person was trying to hide the hurt, the fears, the stress of their life. Once they shared a little of what was going on, my question back was "so how are you doing". It was then, only then, that the wall came down and that they could share what was on their heart.

Have you ever gotten so caught up in the question and expect a response that you fail to really listen? We tend to do this everyday. It is so imporant that we really listen. Could you imagine if God just expected a typical response and that he didn't really listen to what is on our hearts? He doesn't do that. He listens...to every word, every meaning, to everything. We need to try to do the same. Don't ask a question, unless you really want to hear a response. When you do ask, listen...not only to the words spoken, but to the true meaning. Your listening could really help make someone's day or even their week.