Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Job Description

I have had an opportunity to work in a few different jobs besides teaching and music. For a year, I managed an ice cream shop. I know that seems strange, but it started as a part-time summer job. Within a month the manager went on maternity leave and I found myself as the acting manager. So I ran an ice cream shop. It was a fun job, at times, a lot of work, but fun. One evening I was closing the shop along with an employee who was closing on his 2nd day of work. He was still in training. As we were closing, I showed him the check list of what needed to be done. He read through the items and proceeded to tell me that cleaning bathrooms was something he refused to do because he was not told in his interview that he had to clean them as part of the job. It wasn't part of his job description.

What is on our job description as Christians? What is it telling us to do when it says in Matthew to "go therefore and make disciples of all nations"? Just because you might not carry the title of Pastor doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't share the Word of God to those around you. Living a life for Christ is our job description. What we say and do exemplifies the love of God to those around us. It shares, not only who we are, but who we believe in. Our lifetime job description is to share the love of Christ and be a witness for Him. We shouldn't "refuse" like the young man in the ice cream shop, to witness because we might not feel like we are trained to do so. All it takes is a smile, a hello, holding the door, helping someone out, saying thank you. Being a witness for Christ; that is in all of our job description's.