Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Garage Sales

My wife and I enjoy finding garage sales. She is what her family calls a "garage sale expert". She can find deals and things for next to nothing. She found curtain valances for our family room. She has found curtains for the dining room and living room. She found a laptop computer that really works and a basketball goal. All for next to nothing (in some cases, nothing). We search the newspapers for garage sales and watch for signs. It is something we enjoy doing and has turned into a challenging adventure.
Thank goodness God didn't search for a deal to save us. He knew the price He had to pay for us and that was full price...the life of His only Son. There was no picking around piles to find us. There wasn't any bargaining or leaving us behind because He thought we weren't worth the price. He was willing to pay for us in full...no strings attached. God looked at us and knew that we were something He wanted and He was willing to give it all for us. He didn't see junk, only something special. What a precious thing we are.