Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Serve (1 Peter 4:10)

I was mowing the lawn when it hit me. I was given the school year theme of Serve One Another in Love from 1 Peter 4:10. So I started working on a theme song that would best fit the school year and bring out the theme. So I went out to mow the lawn. I do a lot of thinking while mowing. It is my private time. No one bothers me. I get no phone calls or emails. I can just push the mower and allow my mind to think. So I'm thinking and it comes to me and I had to stop mowing before I forgot.

Serve (1 Peter 4:10)

Serve one another in love
Serve the Father above
Serve with a servant heart
Serve, do your part

Serve with gladness everyone.
Praise the Father, Spirit, Son.
We all have gifts God provides,
To share His love, Him glorified.

Reach out to others with a loving heart.
Don't complain about doing your part.
It is God's grace that we share.
So take God's love everywhere.

So serve the Lord with a servant heart.
So share His word. Do Your part!

Special thanks to members of the music ministry team who helped with musical ideas and with the recording of this song! You can check out the song by going to the church website at http://www.livword.net/. Scroll down and click on the church link. There is a link to the song on the music ministry page.