Monday, November 9, 2009

A Simple Smile

I'm sitting the back of the church packing things up when I feel this presence standing next to me. I look up and see this bright smiling face. I acknowledge them, but they just continue to smile. After an awkward pause, I thank them for coming. The response...nothing. No words, no head nod...nothing, but a smile. Then they turned and walked away. What a strange experience, but one that was powerful. A smile...a simple smile impacted my day. I wish I could tell you who it was or find that person again and say thank you, but I haven't see that person since. All I can remember is that smile.

We are people with many words. We sometimes feel that we have to say something. We have to respond or we have to be able to speak our mind or feelings. We are a people that sometimes feel we have to say words in order to share the love of Christ to people. But there are times when words mean nothing. All it takes is a simple and meaningful smile. When I picture Christ, I don't see a person who is talking. I don't see someone who is trying to tell me what I have done; good or bad. I see a face...with a smile. I see a loving God who knows when I have done wrong, but looks at me with those loving and tender eyes and smiles. It is the smile that impacts my day. Nothing fancy, it is just so simple. That smile that says, I love you. So I try to do the same...share the love of Christ...and smile.