Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where Is Your Focus?

Focus...so hard to do sometimes. Ever find yourself unable to focus while in church? The people across from you might be moving or have a different hair cut. The door opens in the back of church and you can see it where you are sitting, so you watch that person walking in. Focus...staying focused in worship is hard. Wondering what is on the menu for either lunch or dinner. What tasks we have to do on this day. Wondering who gave an offering or if your own offering was given. Focus...where should it be. Our focus should be on the cross. Our focus should be on the Word of God. As we examine our sinful nature and lift it up to the Lord, our focus shouldn't be on the sins of others. Focus...our focus should be on the forgiveness that Christ gave you as it is pronounced in absolution or as we receive the body and blood of our Lord. Focus...the focus should be on the message in the music. The focus should be on meaning of those powerful words of prayer. The focus should and needs to be God. So hard to do sometimes. Where is your focus in worship? Ever catch yourself not focused on the right things in worship? I do -- so I take a deep breath...and focus.