Monday, March 8, 2010

I Am...

I want to start this out by asking a simple question. Who are you? I want you to start to list all the things that you are...So to demonstrate, I will give you a few "I am" statements about myself. I am a father. I am a husband. I am a music leader. I am a good cook. I am good at golf (ok -- I am ok at golf). Now it is your turn. Take a few moments before reading on to think of some "I am" statements about you. I'll wait.

Now that you have listed a few, which on came first? Was the first one I am a Christian or I am a child of God or some form of this? Did you look at all the things you are on this earth? I am a father, husband, music leader, cook, and sometimes a good golfer, but first and foremost, I am God's child. All the other things that "I am" are opportunities of ministry that God has blessed me with. I'm blessed with a wife and children. It is a ministry to treat them right and help lead them in the faith of God. I am a music leader. It is a ministry to lead songs of praise and worship. I need to use all these things God gave me as a ministry. We have a church with wonderful ministries. We have a school ministry, music ministry, prayer ministry, stitching ministry, youth ministry, bible many different ministries. Each ministry is important. Each ministry makes us who we are and whose we are. God blessed each of us and this church with ways to share ministry. None is less important than others...but together, each builds up His kingdom.