Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Father's Arms

I'm sitting outside on this cool Tuesday evening thinking about what to write about. I'm watching my daughter practice with her soccer team. There are players running around. There are parents watching their children practice. There are parents playing with their other children as we wait for practice to be done. But as the practices continue, one thing caught my attention. To my right, there was a cry...not that normal I'm not getting what I want, but a cry of "it hurts and it hurt bad". Like most people, I look over to see a little boy crying and holding his arm. His father reaches down, picks him up and whispers something in the his ear. The boy sobs a little and the father hugs him and is talking to him in his ear. Soon the crying stops. The father continues to hold the child and soon, the child is running around again as the father watches him and smiles.
That is prime example of our Christian walk. There are many painful times in our lives. We walk through our life, thinking that things are going alright, then...we fall. We fail. We sin. We let out a "cry" to our Lord. No matter the situation, when our Father hears our cry, he doesn't just ignores us. He reaches down and picks us up. He holds us in his mighty and loving arms. He whispers in our ear. Maybe He tells you that it is going to be alright. Maybe He tells you that He loves you and will hold you until the pain is gone. Maybe He tells you that you are forgiven. Our Father makes sure that you are going to be alright before He lets us continue on. I have felt this in my life. I have felt His loving arms around me. I have heard His words in my ear. He is there...watching, loving, holding, and comforting.