Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Distractions. I struggle with them. Things that move around me…I just have to look. I am easily distracted. I actually have to work to stay focused on things. When I was younger, I played football. This wasn’t the big time league, but pee-wee football. The coach comes out and tells you the play in the huddle. Well, you can guess it. I was distracted. I wasn’t listening, but watching a squirrel on an electrical line. So I missed the play and the coach took me out of the game. Distractions…I’m distracted writing this. Noises, movement, lights…so many distractions.
It is amazing how distracted we get in worship. We come to worship and our focus should be on God, but then, there are distractions. People moving, people talking, doors opening, cell phones ringing…thoughts about the day, things that have to get done…so many distractions. We fail to focus on the reason of worship. Distractions, one…God, zero. Worship is work. It isn’t easy to focus on one thing for one hour. We need to work on keeping our focus on His word. We have so many opportunities to focus on Him. We have songs, readings, children’s message, the message, communion, prayers…all these things so we can focus on Him only. We have to put aside those things that distract us. We have to work so our focus is on Him.