Saturday, September 4, 2010


I was told the other day to PUSH, when it came to my prayer life. Never heard of it! But it stands for "pray until something happens." What a great acronym! It reminds me how important it is to stay in contact with God. Between the words pray, prayer, praying, and prayed the word appears 512 times in the Bible. Do you think our Creator wants us to stay in contact with him? Just like it is important for a vine to stay connected to the main branch so it can be nourished and fed, so we also need to stay connected to God. When we do this, Jesus reminds us that it is easy to produce fruit (If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit…John 15).
What would a church looked like that immersed itself in prayer? Think about the possibilities! Our God wants a relationship with us. As we enter into our fall season pray! Pray for our ministry. Pray that we continue to touch people's lives. Pray for our ministry to flourish and grow. Pray that we will follow the Spirit's guidance wherever that may be. Pray for our leaders, for our staff, for our kids, and for our community. When we do, we will most certainly see the fruits of the Spirit, and we will then be able to rejoice and give thanks to our most gracious and loving God!