Friday, September 10, 2010

The Word is Today

I spend a lot of time reading scripture and really taking a good close look at the meaning behind it. I have always been taught to take time and read the scripture. This is something I took to heart on in college and have continued to do so. But lately, certain passages or stories grab me and won't let go. The bible becomes living and active in me. Rob Bell states it best in his book "Velvet Elvis". He says, "Inspired words have a way of getting under our skin and taking on a life of their own. They work on us. We started out reading them, but they end up reading us." How true. The word of God is reading me...reading us.

God has a knack of making sure we hear, read, see just those things that we need. Scripture is more than just words. Scripture is about today...the now! It is our job to not just read it, but to embrace it has living and active. Scripture gives us strength. It give us meaning and direction. It is more than just a history book, it is the meaning to the events. So really take the time to read scripture. Read it at its fullest. Read it and take it in. The Word is living and active. The Word will happen. Today!