Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bless Others

Profound statements...I hear them, read them, see them.  I ponder on these profound statements and try to apply them in some way.  Not that I think they are the only thing in my life that I trust and follow, but I use them to help me have a better understanding of whose I am.  Well, another profound statement jumped out at me while finishing the book Velvet Elvis  by Rob Bell . 

I was reading the section on serving others...I was thinking that I should get this book done because I have  another one ready to go and  "it" hit.  "God chooses people to be used to bless other people".  Yes, it is true.  We are used to bless others in His name.  That is why we are here.  We are not here to exist for ourselves, but to bless others in His name.  It could be through the church.  It could be through our work.  It could be while sitting at Starbucks.  No matter what...we are here to bless others.  Our words, our actions, our thoughts are all for God.  If we keep the focus on what we are here for and the purpose God has for us, then the things we do will not only bless us, but also bless others.  This makes our life and others '  lives better.  I'm totally awed by how God uses people.  I see the  people that have been true blessings in my life by their words and actions.  I pray that I'm a true blessing in others'  lives by my words and actions.  To bless others...sometimes it can be hard to do, but as I work on remembering whose I am, then blessing others will be the outcome of serving God.