Sunday, April 19, 2009


Most people know that I am wired up for worship services. I have a wireless mic and a set of wireless ear buds. The ear buds give me a more precise sound of all the instruments and vocalists. But not everything with the wireless systems works the way I would like it. You see, technology is way ahead of my system. Many cell phones now are connected to the Internet or have these fancy personal computers in them. During church, I hear or know when people are receiving text messages, voice mails or looking at their emails. How do I know, my ear buds go out or I hear in the ear buds, people faintly talking or static as the phone rings or text message comes in. It interferes with my system causing, at times, it to completely stop all sound coming to me through my ear buds. I have to pull a bud from an ear in order to hear and refocus on what is happening musically around me.

There are so many things that completely interferes with us listening to our Lord. We come to church. We sit, we stand, we sing, we participate in everything we are asked to do, but the message is never heard. We might be thinking of work or what we are doing after church. Sometimes we might be focusing on past events or the excitement or worry of something upcoming. Things cause interference in our lives and we can't hear the message from our Lord. There are many times I catch myself in this. Many times it is because I'm thinking of the timing needed for the next song or remembering the chord progressions. It causes interference with me hearing the Word. When that happens, I have to stop and refocus on what is going on. I have to refocus on the Word. We need to work on putting all the things that interfere with worship aside so the message, the Word, the desires of our Lord, will be our focus. The interference from the phones, pda's, blackberry, etc could easily be prevented. With a little work we all could put aside our personal interferences from the Word of God.