Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Last week, I flew back from Florida so I was ready for Palm Sunday weekend. As I boarded my connection in Atlanta, the flight attendant got on the intercom. Her voice was very stern and almost in a derogatory way, reminded all of the passengers that we needed to sit down and buckle up because we were on an airplane. She didn't leave it at that, she said it three times. Each time reminding us that we were on an airplane. To tell us that we were on an airplane was a reminder that we really didn't need to hear.

God reminds us every day of who He is. As I'm typing this, I look outside and see snow falling in April. While we were on the airplane waiting for our turn to take off, a heavy downpour came and you couldn't see the tip of the wing. Sometimes it's the sun shining, a certain song playing on the radio, a bible passage coming to mind. All these things are reminders of who God is and His awesome power. Sometimes we take so much for granted that God gives us an obvious reminder, like the flight attendant's reminder that we were in an airplane. Other times, the reminders aren't so obvious and it takes time for us to realize what God is telling us. As we celebrate Easter, God is once again reminding of His victory over death and the devil. We need to refocus hearts and minds on what Easter is truly about. Reminders from God are everywhere. He is telling us that He is here with us. Our part is to look, listen, and focus on Him.