Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Running the Race

I just heard a remarkable story about the Boston Marathon. It was the dream of this lady to run in the Boston Marathon. Her dream came true as she qualified. So her and her husband packed their bags and headed for Boston. As the race began, her husband waved and cheered her off, then after careful planning, he had it set that he could see her at three different points of the race. At each point, he would yell her name and cheer her on. At the final point, just before the final turn to the finish line, he arrived and yelled her name and cheered her on. This gave her the strength to finish the race. As the story was finishing up, she commented that if it wasn't for him cheering her on, she might not have made it. His cheering gave her strength.
Our God is cheering us on in our race. He was there when we started and has many points along the race to cheer you on. He calls out to you by name, giving you encouragement to finish the race. Our God doesn't stop cheering, even if we stumble along the path. He will continue to holler for you to get up and continue forward. What an amazing God. He wants us to finish the race; the race to our heavenly home. Look around, listen, God is cheering you on. Can you hear him?