Wednesday, June 10, 2009


When my children were younger, they would need help doing things. I thought that this was the greatest part of being a parent. They would ask, "Daddy, I need help" and I would help. Once the task is accomplished, they would run and tell Mommy. But when they did that, they would say, "Mommy, look what I did" or "Mommy, I did this...". They never mentioned that they had help accomplishing the task. They were excited about themselves and proud of what they accomplished.

Strange, but we still do this even as we are getting older. We tend to look only at the "I" and fail to look at who really helped us through things. Sometimes our focus in life isn't about God and His love for us, but on what "I" can do or what "I" can say. We fail to spend time in prayer. We fail to spend time in God's word. We fail to focus our lives on God. "I" can be a very dangerous word when it comes to our lives and what blessings we have been given. "I" can be a very selfish word when it comes to sharing the message of Christ. "I" isn't showing our Father to others. We can be very self-centered. When that happens, we need to re-evaluate who our focus in on. Everything we do, everything we have, we do it for Him, not for ourselves.