Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Can Keep It Simple

I have my hands on my head. My eyes are closed. I'm sitting at the computer trying to write this deep thought that would bring about some spiritual sense to people and to myself. I'm suffering from writers block. Nothing is clicking. No deep thoughts come to mind. So I stand up, walk around, fiddle on Facebook, take a deep breath, anything to bring some deep thought to mind. But nothing...or is it something.
Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to have the deepest thought about our faith or try to share some sort of words that would sink deep into the hearts and minds of people. We try to use big words or make statements that sound "intelligent". We dig deep into the spiritual meaning of things, when all we need is something simple. Simple works. Everyone is at a different spiritual walk in life. To some, deep and intense thinking is what they are longing for, but for some, simple is best. Jesus did this. He spoke deep to those who thought they were the smartest or were higher than others. He spoke deep to make a point, then, for those who were trying to understand, it was simple. So as I was pounding my head for a great concept to write about, God was showing me that sometimes the simple message is just as important and makes a great impact. You can share God's love through the simple things. It just might be the way to bring others to see His love also.