Monday, October 5, 2009

The Me-nistry Syndrome

I've often wondered what the focus of serving in the church is all about. There are days when I have walked into my office, turned on the computer, sat down, opened my bible and struggled with the purpose of being there. There are times when I listen to people talk about issues in their lives and that they just can't give up something to serve. It is truly amazing what reasons people have or where their focus is. I have even caught myself with the "me-nistry" syndrome.

Think about this. Each person is part of God's ministry. The words we speak, the works we do, the attitudes and behaviors we have is all part of ministry for our Lord. When things don't go the way we want or during this hard time in our country, city, and home, ministry turns into "me-nistry". We get so caught up in what we "need", what we are "deserving" to have or to do. When money is down, we don't give to the church, financially or through our talents. When our schedules are busy, we don't take the time for God in worship, word, or sacrament. We ask or demand, what is in it for me. That is "me-nistry". We only want what is best for me and our focus is on what we want or deserve. Ministry isn't about us, but Him. Is "me" getting in the way of Him?