Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Icy Roads

It has happened again. We have had to drive carefully because of icy roads. On Sunday morning as I was heading to church on Silver Bell, coming over a hill was a Hummer. The road looked ok, but it was still dark. The road looked only wet, but looks can be deceiving. Now we all know that this past Sunday morning wasn't the greatest of road conditions. The driver of the Hummer didn't care until they hit a patch of ice and swerved up an embankment, only to come back on the road safely. No matter what vehicle you drive, icy roads can cause you problems.

How many times are we like the driver of the Hummer? There are times when we live our lives like nothing will ever happen. We think we are protected and indestructible. But the world around us is hard. We are surrounded with temptations that cause us to slip off the path that God intends for us. We see things and assume that nothing can harm us, but when we hit those stumbling blocks we swerve out of control. Thank God that he can steer us back on the right path. He guides us back onto the road so we can continue living our lives for Him. There are a lot of icy patches in our lives. We just need to allow Him to steer us through the icy parts of life.