Sunday, December 20, 2009

Perfect Gift

Another Christmas season has come and gone. Some of us got what we wanted and some...well, we will say that we might not have gotten exactly what was on our list. So we made our way back out to the store to return the NSA (aka. Not-So-Awesome) gift. We smile and say thank you then start making plans on returning the gift to find something that we want. We return that NSA gift so we can find that perfect gift we desire.
The perfect gift. During the Christmas season, we are reminded that we have been given the perfect gift. We have the gift that doesn't require that fake smile or that not so sincere "thank you". We have been given the perfect gift...the gift of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This gift never stops, never needs batteries, never always is perfect.

A big thank you to everyone who added with special music and programs throughout the Advent and Christmas season. Living Word was blessed with an ECC and Kindergarten Christmas program, 1st and 2nd grade choir, 3rd-5th grade choir, 6th-8th grade readers, church choir, handbell choir, soloists, Kingdom Quest Christmas Service, sound managers, worship teams...and the list can go on. Each child and adult played an important part in sharing the message of Christ's Birth with all of us. Thank you again for all your time and efforts in preparing and presenting the story of Christ's birth.