Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Opportunity

On Monday evening, I was sitting at Starbucks waiting for my daughter to finish volleyball practice. I was working on my chapel for Lutheran High School Northwest and really didn't have any thoughts about what to do. I did know that we were going to sing a few songs, so I started powerpointing those words. As I was working on the songs, I had this strange feeling someone was watching me. I looked to my right to see this young lady looking at me. She immediately starting asking me about what it takes to be saved. She shared her feelings on being saved and having spiritual gifts and was really serious about this discussion. So for the next hour and half, I had the opportunity to share with her the saving message of Jesus Christ. I have to admit though, I wasn't thrilled about doing this at this time. I was contemplating something spiritual to share with those high school students. Something that would 'wow' them to see the light of God. I was wondering why God has put me into these places lately. On the airplane and now here at Starbucks. What was His point...well, He put me there to share Him! I had the opportunity to light the fire in her heart and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. For an hour and half, we talked about salvation and the love of God. We talked about listening to His word and about spiritual gifts. We talked about being still and what our focus in life should be. From all this...from the discussion we had...God gave me a chapel message. God gave me the opportunity to share with her but also with those kids. What an amazing and awesome God we have.