Monday, February 22, 2010


This past week, my blackberry kept on locking up. Now this is a major inconvenience for me because I carry everything I need on it. It has my calendar, my contacts, my emails, text messages, and it even serves as my cell phone. I must say, my blackberry is one thing that keeps me connected. So when it locks up and I can't get information from it. That is a problem. So after messing with it and finding that I couldn't do anything about it, I talked with Verizon. Turns out when I thought I was keeping the software up to date, well, the software downloads weren't really downloading. A quick software update from Verizon and now it runs as smooth as ever.
As Christians, we need to also stay up to date in our spiritual walk. There is so much at stake in this...our salvation. We have so many ways to keep up to date. We go to church, we read the bible, we spend time in least we think we are. But there are things that stop that message, that update from ever reaching our heart and mind. Our focus has to be on Him, in everything we do. We have the means to continue to update...we have the bible, worship, songs, prayers, forgiveness, communion. The Holy Spirit uses these means to help us keep running smooth and up to date. All these things keep us connected with our God.