Monday, February 1, 2010

I Am...

I know that this may come to a surprise for many of you, but I have to tell the honest truth. I'm not Hawaiian. Now that some have caught your breath after being in total shock, I just had to be honest about this. Honestly, I'm not German, even though my last name brings out the German in all of us. I'm not Thai. I'm not Chinese or Japanese. I'm Korean. I'm telling you this because my daughter is writing a report on my homeland, South Korea. I'm very proud of this culture, but I really don't live like they do. I live like a normal American and am an American citizen. But when someone asks what country I'm from, I tell them, South Korea. I'm very proud of this and proud to say it. I say it boldly with nothing to be ashamed of.

Now comes the question...can people see Christ in you? When people look at you, can they see that you have Christ in your heart? Do they see it in your words? In your actions? We all are identified by culture, skin color, sports team apparel, accents and the list could go on. But how many of us are identified as Christ's child? We should be proud of whose we are. We should be proud of what we are and what we will one day recieve. The way you act, talk, carry yourself, shows that we are Christians. We are believers. We are His...say it boldly in all you do! I belong to Him. I am a child of God!