Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Ice Cream Base

I know ice cream. I learned all about the art of ice cream when I worked part-time at an ice cream shop in Indiana. I learned about the ice cream flavors. I learned the proper way to scoop ice cream, which most people still do wrong. I learned the art of creating shakes, floats, cakes, pies...if it was about ice cream, I knew how to make it. It was important that you made things right. It was very important when it comes to an ice cream sundae. You could use any ice cream and any toppings, but the most important thing you had to learn was to create a base. You needed a solid base of ice cream so that everything else could be placed on it to build the perfect sundae. A solid base...vital for a great sundae.
Our faith needs this solid base also. Without it, life will fall. There are so many things that are piled on us...our jobs, school, relationships...the list of things continues to grow and grow. We need that solid base so we can handle these things. Scripture is very clear. It tells us that Christ is that solid rock...that solid base to build our life on. Without it, things will fall. Things will sink. Things will overtake us. We have so many opportunities to build and strength our base...our faith in God. Worship, Bible study, prayer, singing...all these things help build a stronger base. A stronger base helps when things get tough. A stronger base holds those things up, not allowing things to topple down. When we are built on Him, a stronger base helps us handle things in life.