Monday, July 26, 2010

know or KNOW

There are times when we know God, and there are times when we KNOW God. Now, I recently read a poll that stated that 80% of people who live in America believe in God or some higher power. But my question is this- Is belief the same as personal knowledge? I’m not sure it is. For many of us the very idea of knowing God may seem unrealistic, out of reach. As I reflect on my relationship with God, it seems that sometimes I know more about God, than actually knowing God. God wants us to know him, like a spouse, or a family member, or a best friend. Can you imagine if we talked to our spouses, or family members as often as we sometimes talk to God? We wouldn’t know them very well would we? Our God is a relational God, and God wants us to know him. In Psalm 63, David talks about his experience of knowing God. He talks about how it creates a deeper longing for even more intimate knowledge of God. I love the first verse, “O God, you are my God!” MY God. Not someone else’s God. MY God, and only that can come with a knowledge of God. How well do you know God? When was the last time you really talked with God?