Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lifting Up the Lowly

The National Youth Gathering is fast approaching and I'm prepared to be totally exhausted. On day one of the National Youth Gathering, I'll have a chance to go over to the Superdome and hear over 27,000 youth worship and praise God. It is an event that totally blows me away! There will scripture readings, speakers, skits, the skit guys, and singing. 27,000 lifting their voices. Songs about how Jesus takes all our lows and lifts us up. You can't help but walk out of the first mass event uplifted...nothing at that point can bring you down. Jesus really does lift us up in the times we feel the lowest. Then the next day, the lows may start...the feeling of the burdens of life, relationships, the heat and humidity. All those things can bring out the lows in people. But you know, there are people around that will be lifting people up the whole day, even when things aren’t going well. Jesus lifted up those who were low. He lifted up the woman caught in adultery, he lifted up the paralyzed man, he lifted up the woman who anointed him with oil. And all of that began with a song from his mother Mary early on, before he was born. “He has lifted up the lowly, and casted down the mighty from their thrones.” And that is what 27,000 kids are going to do at the National Youth Gathering. To lift up the lowly. To be God’s hands, to do God’s work. To do as God would do to us when we are down, lift them up!