Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cheering Us On

My daughter, Becca, plays indoor soccer. I have the opportunity to watch most of her games (if they don't interfere with Saturday worship services). She loves it when I come to her games, not only to watch her, but to offer her support. When she does something good, she can her me tell her "good job" or "way to go". When something doesn't go right, I offer her encouragement or to help her prepare for the next play. Whatever the situation, Becca can pick my voice out from the crowd. She knows I'm there to support her and her team. If she can, she will take the little peek over the stands to see if I'm watching and get that extra sense of comfort. There are times after a game when she asks me how to do something or she just wants to share what happened in the game. Even if I saw the play, to see that excitement brings joy to my heart.

Our Christian walk is like this. We are out in the world striving to do what is right. We are out in the world trying to make the play. As we work on playing the game of life the way God wants, He is there, cheering each one of us on, watching what we are doing. Sometimes He is telling us "good job", other times, He is encouraging us and preparing us to do the next play. When the play is done, talk to God about it. Talk to God about the day and he listens. We ask Him what we need to do and He responds. Even though He knows what we did, telling Him brings a sense of love and excitement to His heart. What a wonderful God. Look around you. Look and see that He is there. He is the one who is cheering you on. He wants you to play the game the best you can. Look and listen...can you hear Him?