Monday, January 26, 2009

What is on your report card?

It is that time again. The most dreaded time for a lot of students in school. Right now, that time has come again for my children. What is this event, you might be asking? It is report card time. Yes, that dreaded time when a lot of kids worry if they will have their freedom after their parents take a close look at their grades. Yes, that dreaded time for a lot of kids wondering what comments their teachers made about them. Yes, oh yes, some parents look at that report card with big eyes wondering if their child will still get into Harvard or if they will ever become something, like President of the United States. The dreaded time is here. So I open the report cards from my children and...I'm happy!

Now imagine if we had to receive this dreaded report card about how we lived as a Christian? What if God gives us a report card about how we handled ourselves in tough situations? What if God gave us a report card about our thoughts or words about others? What would be on your report card? It is a pretty scary thought. But we do receive a report card. Yes, believe it or not, we do get one. God looks at us and how we live our lives and grades us. He looks at you and me, looks at our behavior, our actions, our words, our thoughts, everything. But He takes our report card and gives us all A's. That is right, we all get A's. Why? You might be asking what you did to deserve an A from God. The answer is...nothing! God sent his Son to die on the cross, to wash away all those bad behaviors, bad actions, bad words, bad thoughts, bad...everything. Because of His death and resurrection, because He washed us clean, our report card just has A's on it.