Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not a Resolution, but an Opportunity

It is 2009! A new year. A new attitude. A new feeling. People want to make things new. Henceforth, a New Year's Resolution. I have been asked what my New Year's Resolution will be. Honestly, I never make one. I get a lot of gasps, dirty looks, the "oh my...", or the "well mine is..." responses just because I don't make a New Year's Resolution. I just don't make one. Plain and simple. Why? Because I would start it and then stop or forget about it after a month or so. I see people get so caught up in making these resolutions. They are going to change something. They are going to make life better in some way, shape, or form. It is a promise that they make to themselves and they intend to keep it. Very few do, most don't. People are so caught up in making this resolution and then after a while, they forget about it, break it, or just make excuses to not keep it. It is hard to keep a New Year's Resolution all year. So I don't make a resolution because I know that I would break it sometime or give up on it or just forget that I made it. But I do take the time to refocus on how I should live my life. I do take the time to ask God to help me remember to make Him first in all I do and say. I do ask God that throughout this year, I would be a better servant and work to better His Kingdom. I don't like calling it a resolution, but a opportunity. An opportunity to bring someone closer to the Kingdom of God. An opportunity to serve.