Monday, January 19, 2009

We May Wobble

I have no idea why this came to mind, but I was sitting in my office on Thursday. I was review music for the weekend and it hit me. I couldn't believe it, but I caught myself singing the jingle to the tv commercial, weebles wobble but they won't fall down. Over and over, I was singing this jingle. I still have no idea why or what made me start the jingle. Weebles wobble but they won't fall down. I remember playing with them and you know what I tried to do, it was a challenge, it was my quest, my destiny, my goal in life (at that time). I was going to make the weebles wobble and fall down. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't do it. I would lay them down and they pop back up. I would throw roll them and they would pop back up. Drop them to the ground and they would pop back up. Next to breaking them, every thing I did, the weebles popped back up. Weebles do wobble and they don't fall down.

What about us? When the tough times hit, do we just fall down and stay down or do we pop back up? When we sin, do we just say down or do we ask for forgiveness and pop back up? As Christians, we need to realize that we are just like weebles. Because of our sinful nature, we wobble. Satan tries to knock and keep us down. It is through the grace and love of Christ Jesus, through His forgiveness that we receive, that allows us to pop back up. Just like to weebles, we may wobble but we won't fall down.