Monday, March 16, 2009

Juggling Made Easy

I have never figured out how to juggle. I'm in total awe of people who can. When I was younger, I tried. I even checked a book out at the library to teach me how. So I grabbed bean bags and started to learn the art of juggling. I figured if I could juggle, then I could be like those people on tv who could juggle chainsaws or axes. I read the book, learned what to focus on and decided it was time to start learning. I tossed the first bean bag and then the second and then the third and...they fell to the ground. So I tossed them again. One first, then the second, then the third and...they fell again. So again I tried and again they fell. Again and again my attempts to juggle didn't work. To this day, I can't juggle or can I...

In my life, I have to juggle many things. Like you, I have to juggle my job, family, my faith, my personal time and the list goes on and on. Juggling is something that we all must do. We do something for our family and we feel that the job suffers or we do something for the job and we feel that our family suffers. We get so caught up in juggling our job and family that our faith suffers. We keep trying to juggle everything, but then it all falls. We struggle with our juggling. But we have help. If our focus is on him, the juggling act becomes a lot easier. God has to be first. He has to be what we focus on. In juggling, the focus has to be on the right object. In juggling our life, our focus has to be on the right place. It has to be on God. He is the one that makes juggling our lives easier. Juggling made easy...Keep God first!