Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What To Say

I received an email today. It wasn't the kind of email I expected to recieve. In fact, I was in total shock. I sat and read it. Then I had to read it again. It said..."Dear Terry, I know that this will completely shock you, but I had to tell you this. I was just told that I have cancer and it is rapidly moving throughout my body. I can't tell anyone about it. I can't tell my husband, my kids, my family. I needed someone to tell, so I sent this to you. I feel that I could tell you because of how you talked with me at the National Youth Gathering. I'm so scared that I might die. I have been taught that Christ loves us and will not give us more than we can bear. I have always been taught not to fear death but rejoice in the reward. When the Doctor told me I had cancer, I cried. Yes, I'm afraid to die. I don't want to leave my family. I love them so much. I'm angry that I have cancer. I'm angry that I might not see my children grow up. I'm angry that I may not have the opportunity to continue to share who God is to them. Who will tell them of the love of God if I would die? What should I do?"

My response...tears and prayers. I couldn't really give an answer. I could only stop and pray. I will respond. How, I'm not sure, but I know that the Lord will put the right words in my heart. But for now, I'm praying.