Monday, March 30, 2009

I Have Forgotten...

Sunsets. I have to admit, I had forgotten how awesome they look. As the sun goes down, the colors in the sky radiate. I had really forgotten what they looked like. I'm on vacation in Pensacola, Florida. The day brings about playing on the beach, hunting hermit crabs, eating shrimp, a little golf, playing in the water and relaxing. It is a vacation. But when the sun sets, things seem to slow down a little for me. To watch the sun slowly exit from the sky and see those deep colors, it is amazing.

Sometimes we get so caught up in the business of life that we fail to slow down and see the beauty God puts around us. We tend to focus on the activities we must do. Run to the store, go to work, drive kids around, cook dinner, pack lunches, etc...all those things in our daily routine that have our focus. But when do we slow down and see the things that God has so blessed us with? Our family, friends, home, His creation...sunsets. I have seen His glory through His creation. It is my prayer that you have a moment to slow down and see the beauty around us. Take a moment from the business of life to see what God has put around you. His creation is amazing. Maybe you will have the opportunity to see the sunset. I have slowed down...I have seen the beauty of the sunset.