Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Blessing

Tuesday before Christmas was an amazing day for me. I was at church preparing for Christmas Eve rehearsal, when there was this loud knock at the front door. As I looked out of the church, I could see this person standing at the front door, pounding their fists against the glass. As I approached the door, the person waved, pounded some more then motioned at me to open the door. The gentlemen...well, he was in his mid-40's, well dressed and looked very cold. So I approached the door and cracked it very slowly. The gentlemen...was a blessing. He wasn't there to cause trouble, but he had read about our troubles. He talked to me about his job, his income, his heart...then he gave me a check. It was all he could afford to give, but he wanted to give to the church and school to help replace the lost items. It was enough to cover even one item, but it he wanted to give all that he could afford. The gentlemen...he was a blessing. I will never forget that conversation. With tears in my eyes, I thanked him and offered him a quick prayer and he left. On that cold night with snow flurries in the air, Living Word was blessed. I was blessed. God does work in miraculous ways.