Monday, January 25, 2010

Simple Can Be Best

This past Saturday afternoon, I was on my flight home from New Orleans. I boarded the plane and sat down, got out my book with the intention to just sit back, relax and read. As the plane started filling up, a young lady came and sat next to me. She had earphones in and was listening to her Ipod. We both exchanged a pleasant smile and went about our own business. As we were preparing to depart, the flight attendant came up and told the young lady that she had to shut her Ipod completely off. This is when I noticed something...she didn't understand. Her lack of the English language created a major barrier between her and the flight attendant. So the flight attendant told her again, a little more sternly, but she didn't understand. So I leaned over and used one word..."off" and pointed to her Ipod. She smiled and shut off her Ipod. So now a small bond was made and throughout the flight, she asked me questions with her limited English and I tried to explain with words that she could understand.

Simple words -- simple terms say a lot. We want to share the Word of God, but the language, the terms, the way to share creates a barrier. Not everyone is at the same level in the faith walk. Some are still needing the simple words while some are needing the deep discussions. We want to say the right things, but maybe, we need to spend time focusing on how we say it. We can share the love of Christ through simple words. These words can be a witness. These words can ignite a fire in someones heart. There are so many that don't understand, so simplify it...say it in a way that those around can understand. It doesn't have to be fancy. It doesn't have to be mind boggling. It doesn't have to be so spiritually deep. Sometimes the simple is the most meaningful. To that young lady...simple meant she understood. To those longing for the love of God, the simple can show them that love. Sometimes, simple is best.