Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Make In Me

As many of you know, I am starting to write my own music. It is a joy when a phrase or melody comes to mind. But recently, I told myself that I was going to write another ballad. Yes, another ballad. To write a ballad about something so spiritually strong that people are going to say to themselves, "yes, that song was speaking to me". That is what I had in mind...but that wasn't what God had in mind. For many months, I struggled. I couldn't come up with a good line, catch phrase, topic, melody...nothing clicked. Nothing worked. I looked at the world and thought of everything happening there. Still nothing clicked. I spent a lot of time in scripture, reading passage after passage thinking that something would hit me...nothing clicked. I would do some random singing and playing of chord progressions on the piano...nothing clicked. Nothing...I was trying way too hard. I wanted to create another song so bad, that I tried way too hard. Then...Saturday came. Saturday, May 8th. Nothing special about this day...but it was special to God. As I was working putting some final touches on the worship team set up. The words and melody came. You see, I wanted to write the song before. I wanted it to come from my own thoughts, but God had other plans. My focus was on me, not Him...when I changed that focus, then the song came. "Work In Me" is a prayer. A prayer to help us remember that all we are...our whole life is His. It is a prayer for us to listen to His call, His will and then...be His servant. "Work In Me"...Your desire, O Lord. Lord, your servant is here.

You can hear a copy of "Work In Me" at www.livword.net at the bottom of the main page.