Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Filling the Jar

Try this sometime. Take a jar...not just a small mason jar, take a big jar and fill it with big, fist size rocks. Is the jar full? Then take a bucket of gravel and pour it into the jar. Shake the jar so the gravel has time to seep in between the rocks. Then ask, is the jar full. Take a bucket of sand and pour it into the jar. Shake it so the sand has a chance to fall in between the rocks and the gravel. Now is the jar full? Now take a pitcher of water and pour it in. Allow the water to seep in between the rocks, gravel, and sand. Now is the jar full? So what is the point of this little illustration...
Look at your jar...your life. God has put so many things in your life to make you full. He has put people in your life to mold, guide, and love you. He has given you gifts and talents to use to serve His kingdom. He has given you opportunities for rest. He has given you food and shelter. He has given you the opportunity to worship. All things in your life, are given by God. Each item fills you up. Some items are big...family, work, worship. Some items might be smaller, but each one...not matter how big, makes you who you are...they fill you...fill your jar. If one item is missing, the jar isn't full...you aren't complete. God continues to put the things in your life to make you full...full of His glory. Full of His love! Is your jar full? What is God adding to it? Why not allow Him to fill it.