Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dancing with Christ

Last week, I was in New Orleans with the National Youth Gathering meeting. It was a chance to discuss the theme of the gathering, to prepare ideas, to connect. A lot of work but also a chance to enjoy time with each other. The team I'm serving with went to dinner on Friday evening at a place called Mulates. It is known for Cajun cuisine and Cajun music. As a music person, I didn't know that there was a such thing as Cajun music, now I do. This restaurant has a dance floor. We were seated next to it. During dinner, many people got up and danced. Some had rhythm while others, well, let us just say that they are movement challenged. As we were enjoying our dinner, a couple comes up and starts dancing. They moved with grace. Their movements flowed together. They were outstanding. When the song was done, people clapped. The next song played and they were up again dancing. Again, true grace. They floated along, spinning, shuffling their feet, totally smooth. Again clapping when the song was done. Each time they got up, people stopped eating, stopped talking, stopped doing what they were doing and watched that couple glide across the floor.

There are times when we forget to allow Christ in our life. We fail to keep the beat, we fail to move together, we struggle, we become movement challenged. People might look, but then they turn away for there is nothing good to see. Christ isn't seen in us. When Christ leads, we move along like that couple. Our movements are smooth, our steps in beat, we move together. People stop and look, they notice something different about us. We show Christ. Our words, our actions, our life portrays Him in us.