Saturday, February 21, 2009

Different Ways

I’ve always wondered why weathermen can’t seem to agree on the weather forecast. This has crossed my mind a lot. Since moving to Michigan, no weatherman on any television channel gives the same forecast. Now today (Saturday, February 21, 2009) they all agree that there is going to be snow. Yes, they all agree that there is a winter storm warning (because the National Weather Service has issued it). What gets me is that one channel says 2-4 inches. One channel says 3-6 inches. In fact, one channel says 4-8 inches and they feel that we will actually see up to a foot of snow. It is hard to believe that all the weathermen in the Detroit area can’t seem to agree. They all look at the same weather maps. They all see the same radar. They all get the same information from the National Weather Service. So why can’t they agree, they all see the weather in different ways.

The same can be said about scripture. The words are written. The message is there. So why can’t we all agree? I’m not talking about the different denominations. I'm talking about here, in our own church. Why can’t we all agree on the meaning of scripture? It is because we all see the Word of God in different ways. God speaks to us in ways, depending on the things happening in our lives. He knows what concerns we have in our hearts. He listens to our prayers. He knows, plain and simple. Then, out of love for us, He answers. He speaks to us, each individually. One verse speaks in one way to one person, but that same verse might speak to others in a different way. No way is wrong, but it is the way that God speaks to each of us. He shares His Word at the right time for the right reason. We need to read and listen, God is speaking.