Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where the dogs walk

I guess you can say that I am a little paranoid about homes that have dogs. When I know that a home has a dog, I walk a little differently. When a home has a dog and I'm not walking on the sidewalk or their driveway, I'm looking down. Yes, my eyes are looking down. When I see the gift that the dog leaves behind, I tell others so they don't accidentally find that gift also. When we walk in parks or other areas that dogs might have been allowed to run, guess what, I'm looking down. I'm very concerned when my children run ahead. If I'm following and see that gift left in the grass, I pray that my children didn't find it also. Yes, this is a little strange. If you accidentally step on that little surprise, it not only flattens on your shoe, but it goes into the cracks on the bottom. You have to scrape, wipe and wash to get it off. Even then, there still may be a hint of the stench and you have to start the cleaning process again until it is gone. This is why I'm a little paranoid.

Each time we sin, we create that stench around us. When we sin, we didn't listen or heed the warning of God who is watching out for us. It is that sin that if not cleaned will drive people away from us. It is those unkind words, the rumors, the unkind actions, unkind thoughts, it is all these things that will keep people away. We must ask for forgiveness, not only from those we hurt, but from God. God will wash us clean. He won't ignore us. God hates the stink. He can smell it even before we do. It is beccause of His Son, Jesus Christ that the stench is gone. Jesus is the one that cleans us from our sin, from our stench all out of love for us. Sure we still have to watch where we walk and heed the warnings of God, but when we slip up, He will make clean.