Monday, November 10, 2008

Counting on God

I'm sitting in my office. Nothing coming to mind, at least nothing that I'm so inspired to write about. The day is cloudy, cold, dreary. People don't seem to be their chipper selves. Everything today seems "blah". It is on these kinds of days I need to refocus on my ministry. I need to refocus on what God is asking me to do for him. I was reviewing the upcomings weeks music. I'm just reading away when I hit the line, "I am counting on God". It was this line that hit me hard. Today, I've been trying so hard to accomplish things the way I want them done. My focus wasn't on God, it was on me and my wants. I took the time to stop and pray. I prayed for God to make me useful for him, not me. I had to stop because everything I was doing wasn't focused on ministry. I had to take a hard look at the tasks and allow the message that God had right in front of me to sink in. When it did -- it was like a new day!!! The clouds seem to away. People seemed a little happier. There was this fire that was lite in my heart. It was like Jared Anderson wrote, "Joy unspeakable that won't go away, just enought strength to live for today, so, I never have to worry what tomorrow will bring 'cause my faith is on solid rock, I'm counting on God." Where is your focus? If it isn't focused in the right direction -- say a prayer and count on God.