Thursday, November 20, 2008

God You Reign

It is late and I'm sitting here in my office. I know that I should be going home, but thoughts keep running through my mine. I just had an ok rehearsal. Things aren't perfectly smooth, but they will be worked out a little more on Saturday and will be sung in worship for God's glory! This week, our van died -- I mean it died. So my wife and I purchased a new vehicle today. Praise God that we got approved with the auto industry and the markets the way they are. There was talk of a government buyout, which would help a lot of people here in MI. Thank God that something was done. So I sit here in my office when I should be going home.

God works in mysterious ways. There has been so many strange things that have happened to me this week -- crying, worry, people asking questions about God, working late hours because I was out most of the days -- just a lot of strange things. But one thing has hit me the most this week and it came after rehearsal. Through all of this, God You Reign! We are singing the Lincoln Brewster song, God You Reign this weekend in worship. Sure the words are powerful, just the title can bring chills to people, but it never really struck until now. Through all the hardship, hate, anger, tears, snow, cold weather, broken down vans, new vans, through all things, God You Reign! He made the situations that look grim, better. He made the dreary days, whiter with snow. He made the "I'm scared" attitude feel comforted and loved. God You Reign. What an awesome phrase. I can't get those words out of my head. It was Him who touched my life today. It was Him! God You Reign, forever and ever. God You Reign!