Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tell God the Good

Thanksgiving service is over. It was a nice service. Good music, good message, good worship. But what struck me most about tonight was what I heard when driving in. As mentioned in a different post, I listen to 97.1 the ticket. They were talking about what people were doing tonight. One person wrote in on the "instant feedback" section of the radio show stating that a lot of people go out tonight. Why, because, they claim, that unlike Christmas and Easter, there isn't church. I was totally taken back by this. There is church -- we have it. I know other churches that were celebrating Thanksgiving tonight with the opportunity to worship.

We get so caught up in telling others about what we are thankful for or what we is going on. But we forget to tell one person. That person is God. It is good to tell God what good things are happening. People come to God in the bad times -- when the economy is bad, when 911 happened, when they are in need. We come to him then because we need him. But have you ever thought that we should need God in the good times. God needs to hear what we are thankful for. He needs to know the good things also. Give thanks for everything. Tell God what is good, He gave it to you!